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Adam Newton Adam Newton

Adam Newton plays Ghost Beaver Kick and occasionally Ghost Beaver Kick's stunt double.

Adam is so good at playing Ghost Beaver Kick that people sometimes wonder if Ghost Beaver Kick isn't actually just pretending to be Adam Newton, and not the other way around. People think crazy things.

Blake Cerisano Blake Cerisano

Blake Cerisano plays a series of ninjas, all deceased, in the Ghost Beaver Kick series. Blake is a professional who practices his death poses for upwards of eight hours a night.

Brian Cherry Brian Cherry

Brian Cherry is a well-known and respected actor out of North Bay, On. He plays American Business, one of the evil Moonitsu villains.

Raised by box turtles, Brian sometimes finds it difficult to come out of his shell.

Carissa McDonald Carissa McDonald

Carissa McDonald once had a farm with chickens, and dogs, and snow cows. But then a fiery nation of vowels attacked, and she was forced to act instead.

She can still remember the names of those who took her beloved McDonald farm from her: e, i, e, i, and o.

Courtney Bennett Courtney Bennett

Courtney Bennett is a Canadian-born actress of English and Irish descent who pretends to be a German villain named Olga von Bachstoffer in the Ghost Beaver Kick series.

She likes swimming, suntanning, and ARRIVAL - THE OFFICIAL ABBA TRIBUTE BAND.

Joshua Lambert Joshua Lambert

Joshua Lambert spent three years of his life playing Marius M. Quick (Private Investigator) in The Pasta Killer! A Film Noir before coming on board to play a French-speaking, platypus snaring, chain-smoking Quebecois named The Trapper in the Ghost Beaver Kick series.

We think he moved up.

J Wes Secord J Wes Secord

J Wes Secord plays the dreaded Seagull King on the Ghost Beaver Kick series.

It's a little known fact that Wes can store up to four litres of water in his upper back, making him great for long distance trips and impromptu Slip 'n Slide setups.

Leigh Hardy Leah Hardy

Leah Hardy plays a ninja in both Ghost Beaver Kick and real life. Her list of exploits and adventures are so long and great that even she has forgotten half of them.

But she does remember where you left your keys (right couch cushion), and that in itself is pretty incredible considering you've probably never met.

Liam McAlear Liam McAlear

Liam McAlear plays a friend Canadian farmer, just planting snow pea in December in anticipation for a early spring harvest.

Liam would like you to know that that Canadian milk is the best recovery drink after a workout or other physical activity. The combination of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and other micronutrients makes Canadian milk the premier recovery drink, possibly even more effective than commercially available sports drinks at promoting recovery from strength and endurance exercise.

Mathew Giroux Mathew Giroux

Mathew Giroux has been a ninja, a Horrid Creature, and a great big help on the Ghost Beaver Kick series.

He once took on an entire nest full of angry wasps in just his shorts and lost.

Michelle Hong Michelle Hong

Michelle Hong plays The Boxer in the Ghost Beaver Kick series.

When asked about how she gets into character, Michelle placed a restraining order and told us never to talk abou---

Sean Campbell Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell has been a ninja, a Horrid Creature, and occasionally helps support our wavering morals.

Sean in also an archivist, which means he is currently somewhere in Antarctica, looking for either the Ark of the Covenant, or the missing characters arcs for everyone in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

He wasn't really clear about it.

Sydney Lamorea Sydney Lamorea

Sydney plays the Blue Briton, and Englishwoman bent on destroying Ghost Beaver Kick and creating a kidner, gentler, bluer, world.

Sydney was once human until a terrible case of scurvy necessitated half of her being replaced with robotic parts, all of which are steam powered.

Her favourite things are teddy beards, board games, and healthy living through an all-coal diet.

Vince Galea Vince Galea

Vince Galea plays The Seagull King (alongside J Wes Secord).

Little know facts about Vince: he's a drummer, basketball player, high-rise architect, ham radio enthusiast, and became an amateur taxidermist after an unfortunate accident involving a flock of low-flying pigeons and one overzealous, Vince-piloted riding lawnmower.

The Seagull King

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