Ghost Beaver Kick

Select Your Own Adventure™

You are sitting by a fire in a small, cozy study.

It's night, and you're wearing a comfortable red robe. In your right hand is a ball of wax. In your left is a glass of your favourite drink. You set to thinking about GHOST BEAVER KICK - THE MOVIE.

You think: if GHOST BEAVER KICK - THE MOVIE had a logline, it would be --

"One woodsman and his robotic friend must stop an evil organisation from destroying the world."

Hey, that's pretty good! You furrow your brow a little, and think harder.

If GHOST BEAVER KICK - THE MOVIE needed a synopsis, it would go something like...

The year is 2098. The place is Canada. The man is Ghost Beaver Kick. The beaver is a puppet.

After the evil Moonitsu organisation connects the Earth and Moon together with a giant space magnet, Ghost Beaver Kick and his best friend, Sigma, fight back to save the Earth, the Moon, and Canada.

With the help of their beaver friend Mr. Maples, Ghost Beaver Kick and Sigma will face off against ninjas, raiders, lizardmen, and
enthusiastic snowmobilers in their attempt to get from Northern Ontario to Southern Ontario.

There, the team must face not only the nefarious organisation and its leader The Business, but also the reasons for a province’s

Ghost Beaver Kick is a story about bravery, courage, heart, and the flammability of corduroy pants.

My goodness! You're on a roll! Now, using all your cranial strength, you surmise:

Ghost Beaver Kick - The Movie is a short comedic film made for public screening, physical and digital distribution, and submission into film festivals.

 Shooting will took place in Mattawa, North Bay, Redbridge, and Sundridge Ontario between December 2017 and August 2018.

For sponsors of the film, 50 limited edition VHS tapes will be created, complete with a beautiful technicolor sleeve and a code for a digital download.

Your brain is a well-lubricated machine, spinning along at subsonic speeds.

You decide not to waste this - there are things to think of other than GHOST BEAVER KICK - THE MOVIE. You turn your attention to the wax in your hand and the room around you.

How did you get here?

Without warning, your brain seizes up, your robe comes undone, and the wax in your hand melts, declaring the birth of modern philosophy and sending the world into a Godless existential crisis in which man must look to himself to find meaning amongst the ever-expanding cosmos.

Great. Thanks a lot.

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